What’s in a name?

A lot, actually. Names are significant and often how we categorize, understand and identify.

So, why the change…at least on social media and in conversation…to City Hope Mission?

We believe it more accurately reflects what we’re all about, and can hopefully help folks get their heads around what it is that we’ve been up to over the past year or so, and where we’re headed in the future.

The word “mission” conveys a lot. It suggests that we have a sense of purpose and focus that gives clarity to why we exist. Our stated mission is “To join God in the renewal of all things.” We fundamentally believe that God is on a mission of renewal in our world, and we have the privilege of joining Him in that work in every facet of our lives. The missio dei (mission of God) is our fuel.

The name also informs one that our scope is broad. We envision a Mission Hub where lots of people can come to discover who they are and what they’re to be about in the world. While a “church” gathering is part of our life together, it is certainly not the sum total of all that we are and do. For example, our average attendance on a Sunday is around 10 to 12 family units. However, the scope of City Hope Mission touches, on average, at least 20 family units throughout the course of any given week…and sometimes way more than that!

Moreover, the word “mission” should compel you to join in with what’s happening. There are lots of different ways to get connected in relationship and to serve the community. You may only feel compelled to join in when we serve at the food pantry or hold events in the community. You may be compelled to join a Hope Community. Or, you may be compelled to come to Celebration on a Sunday. And for some of us, we’re compelled to be a part of all that is City Hope (find out more here: www.cityhopeakron.com).

Hope to see you at a gathering soon!




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